Nagabharanam Movie Review & Ratings

By - October 14, 2016 - 02:13 PM IST

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Cast: Vishnuvardhan, Ramya, Diganth, Saikumar, Rajesh Vivek, Sadhu Kokila, Mukul Dev, Ravi Kale, Darshan (Cameo)
Banner: Inbox Pictures Pvt Ltd, Blockbuster Studios, Pen Movies
Music: Gurukiran
Cinematography: HC Venu
Editor: Johny Harsha
Producers: Sajid Qureshi, Sohail Ansari, Dhaval Gada
Director: Kodi Ramakrishna

Just a Vfx Show reel – beware of this venomous snake!


Nag Charan (Diganth) is a young aspirant musician who dreams of winning the World Singing championship in Delhi with his Royal Cobra band. One day a stranger named Manasa (Divya) enters Nag Charan’s life and stands by his ambitions with a secret mission. In the due course, he locks horns with business tycoon Mukul (Mukul Dev) and gang who want to claim the championship title for the trophy (the most sacred Maha Kalasam – a treasury of divine powers). An abhorrent (and once humiliated) aghora named Kapali (Rajesh Vivek) who is in pursuit of the Maha Kalasam also joins the squad creating more problems for Nag Charan. However a series of unexpected events reveal the true identity of Manasa and her painful past. Did Manasa (alias Nagamma) have her vengeance? Did Nag Charan win the trophy and how is the Sahasa Simham (late) Vishnuvardhan part of the story – well that’s for you to find out in the film.


Well none of the performances succeed in engrossing you into this supernatural thriller. On top of it, surprisingly Rajesh Vivek and Mukul Dev overdo it at times. However, the graphical re-creation of the legendary actor (late) Vishnuvardhan is praise-worthy.


Kodi Ramakrishna directorial Nagabharanam – sounds like a powerful title promising yet another visual wonder and supernatural thriller. On top of it, the graphical recreation of our beloved Superstar the legendary (late) Vishnuvardhan! Need more reasons to flock to the theaters?

But it is not an exaggeration if we say you’ll look at the glowing ‘EXIT’ doors at the corners not less than thrice.

The film starts on an intense note with the graphics and voiceover trying to absorb you into the story and then comes the run-of-the-mill hero introduction song. As soon as the hero completes the song, the heroine also pops up out of the blues – fine! And then the lackadaisical romantic “comedy” follows with the villains flashing on and off. The Vfx showreel begins with the pre-interval episode and by then the proper setup and emotional connect are already gone for a toss.

For all the super-optimistic cinegoers, here comes the second half with boredom reloaded. When all your hopes are pinned upon the historical past to unfold – you need to wait for a while until it shows up in the most predictable yet disappointing manner. Now it’s time for some who  rehash (you’ve Nagamma song reprising for Jejamma here) but nothing close to that cult. Crucial moments go bland and the action choreography is simply ridiculous. It is saddening to see an exemplary actor like Saikumar was wasted.

Well are you waiting for Superstar Vishnuvardhan to some final magic? (Wake up dear…the climax is here!) The visual effects and background score do all the noise giving you the feel of the much awaited climax.

Every film has loopholes and setbacks but none of the Kodi Ramakrishna classics had such dumb characterization, dialogues (with gems like Nenu Vijayudanu…neevu parajithuralivi!), amateurish staging and gibberish narrative like Nagabharanam does (With all due respects to his work). An average cinegoer and KR fan simply cannot believe it was his film especially after watching Arundhati.


- Visual Effects
- Music and Background score
- Production design
- Editing


- Story, Screenplay and narration
- Dialogues
- Action choreography
- No WOW factors


Guru Kiran’s music caters to the needs of the script. But it is indeed the re-recording that saved the film.


Vfx by Makuta & other special effects team is laudable. If the film was any watchable, it is because of the top-notch vfx and animation. Production Design also deserves a special mention.


Nagabharanam is a ‘full-package-nil-matter film’ – old wine bottle with absolutely no merit in its content or narrative. By the way, did the legendary director Kodi Ramakrishna garu make this film?

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