Subbaraju's Favorite Spot @ Nights

By - October 15, 2016 - 04:52 PM IST

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As a popular film personality it becomes difficult for you to hang out with your friends at public places because of the constant intervention of cine buffs and fans who want a selfie or some chat. However, some film personalities are quite chilled out on those aspects.

One such person is the tall and handsome villain Subbaraju. He has been part of the Tollywood circuit since long and here is something interesting. It is heard that Subbaraju has got a favorite spot in Hyderabad where he frequents every other night.

This is the drive-in restaurant Siyala which is based at Jubilee Hills. As it is, this place is known for the frequent visits by film and TV personalities but it is heard that Subbaraju likes this place for its privacy and the good food they serve. So, don’t be surprised if you bump across him when you go to this place.

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