Chiru's Rowdy Alludu Completes 25 Years!

By - October 18, 2016 - 11:34 AM IST

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Megastar Chiranjeevi is one actor who made humble beginnings with angry young man image but slowly emerged as an invincible mass hero with tremendous following. His star value is untouched even till date and one such brilliant films which established him as a perfect commercial hero is K Raghavendra Rao’s Rowdy Alludu.

The film might look like a regular dual role hero flick in the first place but there are many aspects of it which are quite unique. Chiranjeevi is seen in a challenging dual role in which one character is educated businessman Kalyan and the other is Mumbai based autowala Johnny who commits petty crimes for the sake of money. Chiranjeevi showed total variation right from body language till dressing for these two contrasting roles. The scenes where Johnny makes a fool of the villains with variations in behavior generated nonstop laughter in the theatres those days.

Johnny’s punch line “Idhar Kaa Maal Udhar..Udhar Ka Maal Idhar.. Manadantha 50-50” became an anthem for Chiru fans. The dialogue “Box Baddalaipoddhi” could be delivered only by Chiru in an era which was filled with competitive mass masala entertainers.'

Bappi Lahari- who gave top music for Chiru’s earlier films State Rowdy and Gang Leader gave some mesmerizing songs for Rowdy Alludu. The album is a perfect blend of mass as well as class tunes. No classy Chiru fan can forget the song Chiluka Kshemama which had his graceful steps along with dancer co-star Shobhana!

Divya  Bharati looked ravishingly glamorous opposite Chiru’s second portrayal as Auto Johnny and her cute antics became a biggest crowd puller. The film was laden with comedy and Brahmanandam’s special appearance as a psychiatrist is another biggest highlight. The brilliant mass song Bolo Rani featured Disco Shanti’s electrifying dance moves with Chiru and it became an all time commercial hit.

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