Eyes On New Beauty Queen

By - October 20, 2016 - 04:40 PM IST

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Majority of the heroines you find in the Tollywood circuit either hail from the Bollywood circuit or modeling world or ad world. Among them, the beauty queens are hot property because they are the perfect package of looks, style, glamour and acting.

Now, all eyes in filmnagar have gone upon one beauty queen. Her name is Rashmi Thakur but before you want to read it, you need to adjust your tongue. Well, her name reads as Rraxshmi Tthakur and you know the reason why.

She has changed her name as per numerology and though people address her as Rashmi, her name is written with all those extra additions. Rraxshmi is Miss Planet India 2016 so here’s wishing her all success so that she can conquer the cine planet as well.