Megastar Shocks Entire Industry

By - October 25, 2016 - 08:42 AM IST

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When you turn back the wheel of time an year ago, you would have come across many instances wherein megastar Chiranjeevi was snubbed owing to the political situation and other reasons. But things changed after his comeback announcement to movies.

Given the hiatus, it is natural that all would expect Chiru to go safe and cautious. However, the megastar has sent shockwaves across the entire Tollywood with the pre release business of his movie Khaidi No 150. This is produced by mega powerstar Ram Charan.

Reports reveal the film is getting some mind boggling offers and Charan is not hesitating to give it to that price. For instance, the Vizag area is reportedly taken for eight crores which is a new record in that territory. Let us wish the film lives up to the expectations as well and becomes a mega blockbuster.

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