Hot Actress' Shaving Act

By - October 26, 2016 - 06:18 PM IST

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You might be a celebrity and most of your acts tend to go public for various reasons. However, there are those acts that are still private and cannot be shared with anyone. Despite that, there are some girls who believe in using such things to their advantage.

The sexy siren Sanjjanaa Galrani shot to fame when she shared the screen space with young rebel star Prabhas in the movie Bujjigadu- Made In Chennai. Since then, she has been seen onscreen at frequent intervals. But her real step to fame came through her offscreen activities.

This time, Sanjjanaa grabbed eyeballs of the netizens as she came up with a video. This is a video wherein she is seen shaving her face just like how men get their beard shaved in barber saloons. She also mentioned this shaving is for her laser treatment. This act has gone viral and Sanju is getting her share of mileage.