Inspiring Lady Of Optimism

By - October 26, 2016 - 08:58 AM IST

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As you start your day to work you know you will be facing a lot of challenges across your way and it takes a lot of mental strength and positivity to overcome those barriers. But if you have someone who is positive and optimistic, that strength and feeling is different.

As a star hero, many men need to have spouses who are not only supportive yet strong and complementing. One star wife who is powerful in her own way is Upasna Kamineni, wife of mega powerstar Ram Charan. Despite her clout and stature, Upasna maintains a very low profile.

However, she has now come up with a candid interview wherein she has opened her heart and thoughts. Those who managed to get a whiff of what she spoke confess it was mind blowing and certify that Upasna is truly an inspiring lady of Optimism. Looking forward to the interview then!

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