Bold Lady Director On Sexual Freedom

By - October 27, 2016 - 05:38 PM IST

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India was always respected for many reasons by the rest of the world and a key reason for that were the women. The way they stood up to be the makers of the home and became symbols of culture and tradition made many nations bow to us with admiration and respect.

Anyhow, that glory is a thing of the past because today, Indian women are on par or should we say, much faster, than the women of other nations. Akin to that, their penchant for sexual freedom has also increased. This has been taken as the subject by a filmmaker.

Her name is Alankrita Srivastava and she has come up with a movie Lipstick Under My Burkha with Bhopal as the backdrop. The film is about four women in different stages of life and their freedom stories. The film has got huge acclaim across international film fests so let us see what the real Indian audience think about it.