Big Treat For All Senior Fans

By - October 27, 2016 - 06:42 PM IST

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Though your fans tend to age and generations keep changing, you as a superstar tend to age very late and hence you will have fans from three different age groups. Of course, this is a very rare achievement and Tollywood has few of such superstars.

One among them is power star Pawan Kalyan and here is an interesting update. Many years ago, Pawan came up with the movie Khushi and many went to theatres to watch one scene, that of Bhumika’s waist and Pawan’s dialogues while looking at it. Now, the same kick may come again.

It is heard that Pawan who is currently busy with the shooting of his new movie Katamarayudu has got a super comedy scene involving the seductive beauty Shruti Haasan and her waist. If this is true, the senior fans as well as the current generation fans will get a new kick. 

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