Kaashmora Movie Review & Ratings

By - October 28, 2016 - 01:42 PM IST

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Cast: Karthi, Nayanthara, Sri Divya, Vivek, Sharath, Madhusudhan Rao, Siddharth Vipin
Banner: PVP Cinema
Music: Santosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Om Prakash
Editor: VJ Sabu Joseph
Producers: Pearl V Potluri, Param V Potluri, Kavin Anne  

Tagline: Kaashmora in an Entertainment mode


Kaashmora( Karthi) is a guy who cheats people by convincing that he would exorcise from ghosts and evil spirits. Many such people fall prey for his tricks. Yamini(Sri Divya) researches on ghosts. She tries to work closely with Kaashmora and learn more on the subject. In the mean time, Kashmora convinces an influential politician with his tricks. The politician hides Rs. 500 crore worth jewlery and cash. But that money is snatched by Kaashmora's family after seeing the right time. The family plans to settle abroad with this money and they are stopped by a ghost named Raj Naik (Karthi). The ghost brings the family back to a 900 year old Fort where it resides. He is none other than the army chief of Vikrant kingdom and he falls for Mahadevi(Nayanthara). What is their story? How is it related to Kaashmora? - forms the rest of the plot.


Karthi : it is out and out one man show by the hero and does a great job in comedy as well as vicious as Raj Naik. The highlight is the scene where Karthi enters the fort.

Nayanthara : The duration of her role is limited but she did good performance in her own style. The pre Climax fight involving her is the biggest highlight of the film. The director should have kept more attention towards her role and she was sidelined because of importance given to Raj Naik 's role.

Sri Divya: Sri Divya's role is quite limited in the film and she had little to do with the main plot.

Vivek competed well with Karthi to generate laughter. The dubbing given to his role is quite good.

Analysis :

The story of Kashmora reminds us of many age old Telugu films such as Magadheera and Arundhati. The director Gokul ripped off the sequences from Arundhati and the scenes involving Nayanthara and the revenge story also reminds us of Arundhati. The first half entirely focuses on elevating Karthi 's character and misses out entertainment. However, Karthi' s character offers good laughs in it. The film gathers good pace with the introduction of the Fort and pre interval scenes are quite hilarious. It is Karthi's one man show and doesn't look boring at any point of time. The flashback episode brings more pace. Gokul does a great job in comedy scenes. He mixed all genres with entertainment and made it an enjoyable fare.


- Performances of Karthi, Nayanthara
- Flashback Episode
- Entertainment


- Old Story
- Second Half


The film has two songs but none of them register in the mind because of poor lyrics. But the background score is good. The flashback episode and Fort scenes are elevated because of Santhosh Narayan 's music.

Technical Aspects:

The film is visually very good. The hard work in presenting fort scenes is evident.

Others :

The film could have been trimmed by much time and some scenes need clarity. Some dialogues could have been better.
Verdict :

Karthi's out and out comedy entertainer.

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