Pawan Kalyan's Selfie with Brothers & Sons

By - November 01, 2016 - 09:06 AM IST

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Technology is one platform wherein you can never be sure whether it is conveying the right thing or not. This is more to do with the social media and the images you see sometimes. Akin to that, two family selfies are currently creating a lot of ripples among cine buffs.

Well, one picture shows megastar Chiranjeevi with his entire clan in ethnic outfit as part of the Diwali festival. And then there is another picture which shows Pawan Kalyan taking a selfie of sorts with the same mega clan in the backdrop. This led to a bit of excitement and confusion.

After some enquiry, it is revealed that the first picture with Chiru and family happens to be the original. As for Pawan’s selfie, it is the creative expertise of one fan who added some graphics to the first picture and said that the power star took a selfie. Though it is not real, it sure looks convincing.

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