Adivi Sesh's Inspiration Behind 'Naruda DONORuda'

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You do not need a much better example to say that Telugu audience is not open to offbeat subjects. The yet to release movie Naruda DONORuda is getting an overwhelming response though it revolves around the subject of a sperm donor.

The film is made with a shoestring budget and the inspiration to that has come from actor/director/writer Adivi Sesh. Incidentally, Sesh played a key role in the movie Kshanam which grabbed a lot of admiration for its cost effectiveness and good content.

The same has now inspired the makers of Naruda DONORuda and it was revealed by the soft spoken hero Sumanth. Given the fact that the momentum has taken off in the right way, if the film works it is going to inspire many others to follow the same path.

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