Dubbing Artiste's post about RAPE SURVIVOR goes Viral & Helps!

By - November 03, 2016 - 07:52 PM IST

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Popular Malayalam dubbing artiste Bhagya Lakshmi recently revealed a horrendous story of a rape survivor in Kerala (who was allegedly raped by four men including a local politician).
Well this incident happened couple of years back and the victim remained tight lipped about the crime scared by the consequences. However, recently the woman along with her husband approached Bhagya Lakshmi and explained about the tragedy and the threats she has been facing from those four accused. The woman complained that even the local Police authorities did not address her complaint and in turn mentally harassed her with their questions. 
After listening to her Bhagya Lakshmi posted the entire heart-wrenching story on her Facebook wall and this post became viral within hours thereby pushing the Kerala Chief Minister to address the issue on high priority.
Public started voluntarily supporting the rape survivor demanding the government to ensure that the criminals are brought to justice at the earliest. On top of it, the woman's courage and Bhagya Lakshmi’s efforts in voicing out this issue are also being widely appreciated. 

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