2 Recent Acts that increase respect for Charan & Bunny!

By - November 05, 2016 - 06:44 PM IST

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Heroes of the Mega family command a great following. All of them are inspired not only by Megastar's onscreen charisma but his persona as well. While the Megastar and Powerstar are playing significant roles in politics, their young successors especially Ram Charan & Allu Arjun are doing their bit too! 
Here are two recent incidents that increase our respect for both Cherry and Bunny -
While Charan funded the treatment of two hearing impaired kids (via SAHI team), Bunny extended an instant financial help of Rs 8 lakhs for the treatment of a 7 month old baby. The baby suffered from a lethal liver ailment and needed an immediate surgery which the parents (hailing from Bheemavaram) cannot afford. With Bunny's support, a team of doctors in Apollo hospital performed the surgery and rescued the baby. 
These acts of kindness and charity make them heroes in real life too! Kudos to the Mega Powerstar and Stylish star! 

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