Is Samantha's Act Not Serious?

By - November 05, 2016 - 11:58 AM IST

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As a film celebrity there is a lot of activity you keep doing on the social media because that’s the name of the game today. However, not all that is kept on the media platform could be deciphered as real. Sometimes, few acts make you think in those lines.

Recently the cute smile queen Samantha came up with a picture which shows a sleek girl doing weightlifting at the gym. Samantha added it’s her and she is lifting a whopping 72 kgs weight. Well, lifting 72 kgs is not a joke and moreover, Sam looks quite fragile.

Those who saw the picture are saying maybe she did it for fun and quip that if she does it for real then Samantha can go for an international weight lifting competition and bring the gold medal for India. That could be an alternative career for her apart from acting.

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