Top 6 Telugu Characters by Kamal Hassan!

By - November 07, 2016 - 11:51 AM IST

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The Universal Hero Kamal Hassan needs no introduction to the world of Indian Cinema. It is indeed a moment of pride that this brilliant hero did  many straight Telugu films which are quite memorable and versatile. On the eve of his 61st birthday, iQlikmovies brings you the amazing roles portrayed by Kamal in Telugu which were not done by any other actor till date:

Balu from Sagara Sangamam: This film deserves the No.1 place because it marked the amazing association of the actor with legendary director K Vishwanath. Perhaps nobody else other than Kamal could have portrayed the role of a failed artist and lover as convincingly as he did. He is seen in the handsome appearance for the flashback episode and the worn out bearded look for the old age role- in amazing perfection!

Sivayya from Swathi Muthyam: Nobody can forget Kamal’s out of the tempo dance for the eternal melody Suvvi Suvvi and his breathtaking chemistry with co-star Radhika throughout the film. His performance in becoming aggressive and fighting over the injustice during thepre interval bang would bring goose bumps to any viewer.

Balu from Maro Charitra: Kamal is well known for playing challenging roles and this film became like exemplary for every youth in the 70s. He played the role of a sincere yethot headedlover who takes decisions instinctively. The scene where he speaks different dialects of Telugu during the pre-climax is clap worthy even till date.

Ranga in Akali Rajyam:  This film reflected the plight of a struggling youngster who is in hard lookout for a job. Nobody except Kamal could play the confrontation scenes with his father so well than him. The “interview” scene where the character questions the ways of Indian education and job system is thoughtprovokingto the core.

Mayor from Indrudu Chandrudu: It was incredible to watch somebody as extremely handsome as Kamal to portray the grotesque looking and pot bellied Mayor role and he did this with amazing perfection. It is interesting to see that he portrayed a similar role Balaram Nadar which arrived in K.S.Ravikumar’s experimental film Dasavataram!

Dasu in Subha Sankalpam: The best actor collaborated with K.Vishwanath and he portrayed the role of an innocent fisherman and an honest servant to his master. The exclusive song where he narrates the day in the life of fisherman is worth mentioning!

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