Shocking Facts behind Actors' Death

By - November 08, 2016 - 12:14 PM IST

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The actor Raghava Uday’s death during a stunt for a Kannada film shook the entire film fraternity. He has appeared in few Telugu films such as Jakkanna, Bullet Rani and also would be seen in Saptagiri Express. Here are some of the shocking facts about this incident which shook the film fraternity:

-> The actor Raghava Uday recently confessed in an interview that he was scared of heights and never did such challenging scene before in his career. He also said that with god's grace, he should be able to get it done smoothly.

->The film Mastigudi starring Duniya Vijay had a schedule in Tippagondanahalli Reservoir and Uday along with Anil were missing in the accident. The police informed that it is highly unlikely that the would be alive and are searching for the dead bodies.

->As part of the climax shooting, Duniya Vijay, Anil and Uday jumped into the reservoir from a moving helicopter. While Duniya Vijay knows swimming, he was rescued safely. It was irresponsible of the filmmakers to arrange for rescue team when they knew the actors were not adept in swimming. The rescue operations were poor and the motor boat was also malfunctioning.

->This climax scene was promoted as the most expensive sequence costing around Rs 1.2 Cr as told by the film’s producer Sundar P Gowda. As a result, lot of media attention has grabbed this issue and there were many interviews even before the shooting schedule took place.

-> A legal case might be booked on the producer and director of Mastigudi for being the cause of death for innocent lives.