Sexologist Talk Irks Pawan Fans

By - November 09, 2016 - 09:18 AM IST

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Being the fan of a star hero makes you very possessive about him and even the smallest of comment against him is taken personally by you. This trend is something seen strongly among the fans of south Indian heroes especially in Tollywood and Kollywood.

True to that, power star Pawan Kalyan has a massive fan following and one word against him is met with a lot of retaliation. Despite that, one noted sexologist has rubbed Pawan fans on the wrong side. He is none other than Dr Samaram.

Recently he got to share his thoughts at a press meet in Vijayawada wherein he came down heavily on megastar Chiranjeevi. Not stopping at that, he reportedly said how Jana Sena is of no use and Pawan fans will simply whistle and clap instead of really voting during elections. This has not gone too well with Pawan fans and their reactions are awaited with bated breath.

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