What's Wrong With Sunny Leone's Name In Question Paper?

By - November 10, 2016 - 10:35 AM IST

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India is a massive country with diverse cultures and hence it is tough to get all of them to stand on one page. Whenever a situation comes, there is always two sides to it. For instance, the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone has become a national sensation despite her past.

While there are many who adore her as their fantasy queen, there are also those who raise eyebrows at her presence. Recently, Sunny’s name was given as one of the options in a Kerala Public Service Commission question paper and this didn’t go well at all with the moral police. [Who is the author of the book - 'Alphabet Super for Love'? - was the question]

Point is, what is wrong in mentioning her name? One doesn’t have to think so narrowly. Sunny is known to everyone today and is a celebrity. When someone like Donald Trump who abused became US president and his wife who is popular for her nude photos became first lady what is the harm with having Sunny’s name in a question paper. About time this conventional thought process stops.

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