Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo Movie Review & Ratings

By - November 11, 2016 - 12:26 PM IST

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Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Manjima Mohan, Baba Sehgal, Rakendumouli
Banner: Dwaraka Creations
Music: A R Rahman
Cinematography: Dan Macarthur 
Editor: Anthony 
Producer: Ravinder Reddy
Writer-Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon

A Less Romantic More Crime Thriller

Rajnikanth Muralidhar (Naga Chaitanya) is a happy-go-lucky guy falls in love with his sister’s friend Leela Satyamurthy (Manjima Mohan) who comes to stay in his house for a brief period. However, Rajini doesn’t confess his love and plans to move on with his road trip to Kanyakumari. But Leela joins him in the road trip taking both Rajni & Mahesh (Rakendumouli) by surprise. The couple visit Kanyakumari and only when everything goes right, an unexpected incident completely veers their lives towards a more turbulent and lethal path. What happened to Rajni, Mahesh, Leela & family and how did Rajni stand against all the challenges that life throws at him forms the rest of the plot.
From Ye Maaya Chesave to SSS, one thing is for sure, Naga Chaitanya has grown as an actor. And Chay can put this film into the ‘Performance’ bucket. 
If you were a tad sceptical about Manjima Mohan’s casting in the film, she proves you wrong. May not be a typical Gautham Menon heroine but Manjima does a fine job.
Rakendumouli: You may or may not have seen much of this fledgling lyricist (son of ace lyricist and dialogue writer Vennelakanti) acting on screen. But this talented chap seriously turns an entertainer with his act in the film. Outshining Chay in dances and comic timing here and there, Rakendumouli impresses. Long way to go!
Baba Sehgal: Wondering what’s this singer doing here? Well he plays a lead role in the film and he is unbelievable! Looks like he has a bright future as an actor (especially as a villain) too.
The rest of the cast play brief yet significant role.


Gautam Vasudev Menon just did it once again– told what he wanted to (keeping aside what the fan world expects). And we have to tell you that this is beyond just a love story (as many would assume! Appreciate if you didn’t).

“Anything might happen to anyone in life and we just need to be prepared for it” says GVM. And we want you to be prepared for this film too. This crime thriller in the disguise of a love story attempts to enthrall you with its intent and nothing more. ARR gives an amazing album and much to our dismay, Gautam Menon fails to blend it well in this thriller. Though the story looks intact on paper, the film falls apart trying to blend two different genres. It all begins like a GVM mark musical love story and then the deluge of songs slowly start bothering you. Just in when, the edgy pre-interval block gives you a good reason to look forward to the second half. The way he musically narrates the crucial scene is just brilliant!

By the way if you have already tuned yourself to watch an action drama, the second half can live upto the snuff. And the climax twist was predictable and revealing the key back story in a voice over was so obvious.

GVM was known for his gripping action dramas (in spite of the lags) but SSS fails to qualify for the league – in terms of entertainment. Fans might experience the same that happened with Yennai Arindhal! (Expect something and find something else).

It is neither a beautiful love story or a magical thriller!


- Lead cast performances especially Chay, Baba Sehgal, Rakendumouli & Manjima
- Cinematography
- Editing
- Music


- Screenplay
- Lack of commercial entertainment might disappoint the masses.

Nonetheless to say AR Rahman gave mesmerizing music to this thriller. However all the songs (except Vellipomakey or even that for some) fail to leave an impact. They come and leave in a queue – the director to be blamed. And this Mozart of Madras couldn’t spill magic in his rerecording (except the Vellipomakey bits here and there).

Catch Gautam Menon’s brief appearance in this film (Yes, it might be a spoiler but we don’t mind ‘coz it is not going to make any difference).

SSS is a crime thriller than a love story actually but unfortunately both can’t win your hearts. Even an ardent admirer of GVM can be entertained in bits and pieces! But if you can accept and appreciate anything as it is, you may feel better - Lucky You!

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