'Vangaveeti' 30 Sec On Par With 'Kabali' Teaser?

By - November 12, 2016 - 10:49 AM IST

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Thanks to the growth in technology and the power of internet, the film industry is taking maximum advantage of it by coming up with different forms of pre release promo material. It is also giving the audience enough glimpse of what is to come on the big screen.
One component of that is teaser. This is becoming the best tool to create a vibe with the audience. Recently you have seen the kind of hype the teaser of the film Kabali received. It has also helped in giving the film huge openings. Now, another film is on the same line.
We are talking about the film Vangaveeti and inside news reveals a thirty second teaser is being planned which will also get the same hype like Kabali teaser. Reports say that the makers are planning to unveil this teaser just before release as they are positive this will create a huge impact.

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