Senior Hero's Support to Pawan Kalyan

By - November 12, 2016 - 03:47 PM IST

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The statement from Pawan Kalyan to adopt Anantapur district is appreciated and welcomed by versatile actor Senior Naresh. 

Naresh has adopted Anantapur more than a decade back. He is working on behalf of NGO named Kalaakaarula Aikya Vedika for uplifting the lives of poor artists and oozing a new breeze for nourishment of arts, culture in Anantapur. He is also irrigating Anantapur through 1000+ tanks.

Naresh also undertook a Ratha Yathra, released a CD and incorporated his formula of Jala Valayam in central government document. He is a pioneer in this mission to convert semi arid Anantapur into a fertile land. Naresh also has about 15,000 families in his fold with support from SC, ST and BC Organizations. He also got a house built in Hindupur and married there.

Hopefully, Pawan Kalyan and Naresh’s new bonding will reshape Anantapur’s future.