Kannada Director Arrested in K-Actors Death Case

By - November 14, 2016 - 03:30 PM IST

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The unfortunate accident of Kannada actors Anil and Uday during the shooting of Mastigudi has shook the entire Kannada film industry terribly. There were many allegations that the film’s producer and director failed to take proper precautions during the risky shooting and if they did, the actors would have lived.

As a result, the film’s director Nagasekhar, assistant director Siddhu and fight master Ravi Varma surrendered to the Police for their mistake. The hero Duniya Vijay himself brought them to the custody of Police. Already, the producer Sundar P Gowda has been arrested in the same case and with the hero’s intervention, even these people chose to surrender.

The accused are in judicial custody till November 25. The hero Vijay has expressed deepest shock for the demise of his co-stars and also declared that he is ready to face any sort of investigation for their cause of death.