Unusual Pair on Screen!

By - November 14, 2016 - 09:12 AM IST

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Though you find the majority of film fraternity to be diplomatic and coming up with politically correct statements, there are those odd ones out who don’t mince words. This also becomes a blessing in disguise for them as they become a brand by themselves.

One such person is Posani Krishnamurali who is known for his somewhat eccentric and shady type of talk. When he talks normally itself it is quite hitting on the face. Recently also, he went all guns blazing against the senior politician V Hanumantha Rao. Now, another update has arrived.

Posani has been roped in as one of the judges for a new comedy show which is coming in the format of the hit show 'Jabardasth’. He is teaming up with the ravishing seductress Ramya Krishna. The talk after hearing this news is, to which level of vulgarity Posani will takes this show.

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