Padma Award For Dronacharya Of Tollywood

By - November 15, 2016 - 12:36 PM IST

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You may not have full grip on the story of Mahabharata but you would certainly know the characters. One among them is Dronacharya, the Guru for great warriors like Arjuna and others. In today’s time, some great teachers and masters are referred as Dronacharya.
Even Tollywood has one Dronacharya and his name is ‘Vizag’ Sathyanand. Over many decades, Sathyanand has been mentoring many actors and one among them is power star Pawan Kalyan as well. He is a noted name in the theatre circuit and has staged many plays.
Though he doesn’t make much noise of his contribution fact remains that he has done extensive service to the industry. Given that, some seniors in the industry feel maybe Sathyanand should be recommended for the Padma Awards as he truly deserves it. We believe the same too.

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