Shocking Announcement By Kannada Producer

By - November 16, 2016 - 11:14 AM IST

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It is true that you have to come up with something innovative and different to make your film grab the attention of the audience. However, there are those instances when certain makers come up with announcements that really raise your eyebrows in surprise.

Here is one such shocking announcement from a Kannada producer. His name is N S Rajkumar and he has produced the Kannada flick Nataraja Service which has Sharan as the hero. Rajkumar has reportedly announced that theatres playing his movie will accept 500 rupee notes.
In the wake of the announcement made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi about demonetization, it does come as a shock. Also, it is not sure as to whether this has any legal implications. Anyhow, if this works then there will be many producers who will follow Rajkumar’s path.

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