Ram Charan's Problem With Top Tamil Star

By - November 22, 2016 - 10:33 AM IST

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You might have your share of struggles and challenges when you are in the growing stages of becoming a hero but once you become a superstar then there is no issues. For any hero, release of his movie is a big challenge but superstars never have that hiccup.
However, it appears that mega powerstar Ram Charan is now having that issue and this is because of a top Tamil star. Apparently, Charan is preparing to arrive with his movie Dhruva on December 9th and trouble is coming to him due to the Tamil release on December 16.
We are talking about the film Singham 3 featuring the supremely talented Tamil star Suriya who has a massive following in Telugu as well. Given the current demonetization situation, Suriya’s release is sure to cause a dent to Dhruva. Let us see how this situation would be resolved then.

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