Venu Madhav Here- Goundamani There

By - November 24, 2016 - 12:57 PM IST

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You tend to remember the names of few actors for the form of entertainment they provide and your best memory is always that of the comedians because they make you laugh. But in the recent past, the name of comedian Venu Madhav was heard for the wrong reasons.
He was repeatedly subjected to the rumour of dying due to sickness. Venu Madhav had to arrange press meets and clarify that he is very much alive. At one point, he broke down into tears trying to prove his existence. Now, he is joined by another person.
He is none other than Goundamani, the very famous comedian from Kollywood circuit. Apparently, Goundamani ruled the roost for two decades and lately his name is flashing in social media citing he has expired. That way, both the comedians are having a tough time.