Check Out Raashi Khanna's 5 Fitness Secrets!

By - November 26, 2016 - 07:25 PM IST

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Have a look at happening actress Raashi Khanna's fitness secrets -

Raashi Khanna is training with celebrity fitness trainer
Kuldeep Sethi from some time now.

Raashi’s Fitness Regime:
Presently Raashi Khanna has a busy schedule and in spite of that she is exercising for one hour per day and she is doing it regularly! If she doesn’t get time in the morning, she’s doing it in the afternoon adjusting her workout time as per her schedule, as per sources.
“Raashi Khanna has a diverse body type with more muscle mass. If she does only weight-lifting it will increase her muscle mass. So her workout is divided as -
> One week - Functional Training
> One week - High-intensity workout.

Her goal is not only to get thin but also to have a great toned body. By changing the frequency of exercise, her body will get Shocks.