Stripteasing Girl's Video In Celeb Mobiles

By - November 26, 2016 - 12:26 PM IST

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All you need to do is pick up the mobile phone of your friend and you can be sure that there will atleast be one adult video in it. And it doesn’t mean the celebrities are exempted from it. Well, one video has become a hot property among few celebrity mobiles.
Recently, in New Delhi, one ATM had a very long queue thanks to the demonetization call by PM Narendra Modi. One lady got so frustrated with the wait that she became nude and did striptease in front of everyone. This caught many by surprise and fascination.
Till recently, this video was making rounds in Youtube and now it is getting forwarded in mobiles also. Buzz is that few celebrities have got this video and they are in awe of this woman who could dare to do such a thing. Well, that’s the guts of an Indian woman today.

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