Suresh Babu On Another Trendy Film

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From a long time there has been a concern raised by few members of the film fraternity that the small and medium budget flicks need encouragement from the heavyweights of Tollywood. While the concern is valid, even the big boys have been onto it.
One among them is the shrewd and razor sharp film personality Daggubati Suresh Babu. He is known for his acumen to identify promising films and give them the boost. Now, Suresh Babu has given his blessings to one trendy film. It is titled as Pitta Goda.
Suresh Babu has presented the film and this has a fair share of newcomers including the director Anudeep. Touted to be a fun filled romantic entertainer with Telangana backdrop, the teaser was launched by Natural Star Nani and is getting a good response.

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