Another Telugu Heroine In Line

By - November 29, 2016 - 10:46 AM IST

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You should feel proud of the fact that Tollywood has evolved into a big entertainment platform second to the big Bollywood. At the same time, it also gave livelihood to many actors, actresses, technicians from other parts of India who shaped their futures.
While all this is the bright side, the flip side remains that the industry has not seen a proper Telugu girl becoming the top heroine in the last few decades. However, the quantity of Telugu beauties has increased and the time has come to welcome another one.
So far, the likes of Anjali, Nanditha, colors swathi, Eesha have made their presence felt and each one of them is in different range of popularity. Now, a new girl named Punarnavi Bhupalam is making her debut as a heroine with the film Pitta Goda. We have to see which range she reaches to. For now, best of success Punarnavi!

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