Best Fitness Motivation Video In India Now

By - December 01, 2016 - 11:34 AM IST

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The element of getting into the skin of the character is very important for you as an actor and it is only when you do that, you can call yourself a fine performer. The Indian cinema has many big names but only a very rare set of people have actually done that.
One such person is Mr Perfectionist from Bollywood Aamir Khan. It is known that Aamir has often gone out of his way to come up with something new and he has repeated the act again. This time it is for his new movie Dangal and it is creating ripples.
Aamir turned out from a fat man to a fit man and he unveiled the video of that. Those who saw the video are in awe of Aamir’s commitment and are also getting pumped up to hit the gym and shape themselves up. Here is a look at the video which is now being called the best fitness motivation video.

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