Over Expectations Marred The Film

By - December 02, 2016 - 10:44 AM IST

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The tricky situation with the business of cinema is that on one hand you need to generate expectations from the people on the film and on the other, you need to ensure the expectations don’t cross the limit. When the latter happens, trouble occurs.
There are many movies which have deserving content and yet failed to shine at the box office purely due to over expectations. The same has happened with one latest release. We are talking about the movie Betaludu featuring the Tamil actor Vijay Antony.
Apparently, Vijay arrived with the movie Bichchagadu and scored a blockbuster. As a result, the expectations on Betaludu touched the sky and despite the fact that the film has sufficient material, it is failing to reach the audience satisfaction. Best of luck next time Vijay!

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