Anasuya Becomes Darling Of Every Hero!

By - December 03, 2016 - 04:37 PM IST

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You need to have a good ounce of talent along with the right determination to shine in the film industry but there is something more important than that, attitude. It all boils down to how you are with people and the behaviour plays a key role in deciding your future.
There are many who lost out on beautiful careers with wrong attitude but those who are right become the darlings. One such person is the seductively charming Anasuya. Those who worked with her lately reveal her attitude is down to earth, she is quite mingling, active and vibrant.
The situation has become such that any hero who meets her feels like she must be part of his project. Recently, Anasuya was part of the movie Winner and few unit members who worked there also mentioned the same thing about her.  Way to go Anasuya!