Vangaveeti Hero Becomes Villain Afterwards?

By - December 06, 2016 - 11:04 AM IST

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You could aspire to become something in life but when you are destined to become something else, nothing can change it. You will come across plenty of such examples in the film industry wherein people come with one aim and get something else in return.
Discussion now is happening about the debutante hero Sandy who will soon be seen in the movie Vangaveeti. Sandy has done a dual role and many are saying his screen presence is promising. However, since this is a biopic, his true acting talent and other facets will not be known.
As a result, some of the cine seniors are keeping a close observation on his body language and expressions. They say that if Sandy decides to become a villain he would shine in Tollywood. In a way, the Telugu audience would love to see an authentic Telugu baddie. Let us see what happens.