Interesting Film In Line For Jagapathi Babu

By - December 07, 2016 - 10:58 AM IST

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Your true essence as an actor comes out when you are approached with offbeat scripts and challenging roles that can provoke you to think out of the box. For a long time, Prime Star Jagapathi Babu held the image of a family man. Eventually, he started a new chapter.
As part of that, Jagapathi Babu began doing negative roles and now he is attempting something interesting. It is heard that he would be doing the role of an old teacher who is sixty plus and the story revolves around his relationship with a blind girl.
Reports also reveal the film is titled as Patel Sir and it is evident that this is a concept based movie with focus on content and performances. If Jagapathi Babu comes up with a impact creating performance, he can well be the hot contender for awards.

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