Budget Hike For '2.0' Due To That

By - December 07, 2016 - 06:40 PM IST

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The first thing a team would do before starting the shooting of a film is plan its budget. Given the fact that cost has become key for the success of a movie, it is the budget which plays a pivotal role. Any exceeding of that causes trouble and burden to the makers.
Despite that, there are those projects which tend to overshoot by a crore or two. However, have you come across a film extending its budget by a whopping 50 crores? Well, it is happening now with the much talked about movie 2.0.
According to reports, the makers have hiked the budget from 350 crores to 400 crores and the reason for that is the VFX.  Buzz is that they want the output to be perfect so they are not compromising. 2.0 is being released in six languages so get set for this grand treat. 

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