'Dhruva' Team In New Jersey

By - December 09, 2016 - 10:21 AM IST

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After becoming an actor, when your film is up for release your initial reaction would be to watch the movie in the theatre to get the exact reactions from the audience. This tradition is followed strongly in Tollywood but the big stars are taking it to a new scale.
In the last decade, the NRI market has become quite key and especially the USA territory. So, some stars are also heading overseas to give a special treat to the NRI viewers. The team of the new movie Dhruva featuring mega powerstar Ram Charan has done that now.
Reports reveal Dhruva team arrived in New Jersey and they would be watching the film with the audience. The team comprises of Charan, the antagonist Aravind Swamy, director Surender Reddy and the key technicians. This is going to be an exciting one for the NRIs then.

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