Hottest Indian Lady Villain In Hollywood

By - December 10, 2016 - 10:51 AM IST

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You would have come across many instances where grievances were raised that the Indian cinema is rather hero centric and the role of the actresses is normally to provide the glamour and ooze the juice of romance wherever necessary.
But in the last decade, many starlets began to carve a niche of their own and some of them have become best bets at the box office. This is more in the Bollywood circuit. Now, some rare beauties have taken it to the next level by getting into the Hollywood circuit.
The discussion now is about the hottest Indian lady villain. She is none other than the pout lipped beauty Priyanka Chopra and soon she would be seen in the movie Baywatch in a negative role. Few years back, the gorgeous green eyed beauty Aishwarya Bachchan did a negative role in the Hollywood flick The Pink Panther so let us see how Piggy Chops delivers this one