Is This Demonetization Effect?

By - December 12, 2016 - 10:05 AM IST

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The only word which the entire India is discussing even now is demonetization and whether it is doing any good or not, it has certainly been giving sleepless nights to the common man. The compound effect happens to be the blow on many forms of businesses.
Even cinema is also part of the target and discussion is now happening on the results of the collections of the movie Dhruva. Despite the fact that it has received unanimous hit talk, the collections are not upto the expectations. In fact, it is less than Ram Charan’s earlier movie Bruce Lee.
While many are attributing this to the demonetization effect especially at places where online booking is not there, there are also those who feel since the content is more class the film may not have penetrated well among the B, C centre audience. Let us see what the full run yields.

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