Who Copied Who?

By - December 13, 2016 - 10:27 AM IST

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When you are part of the creative industry you need to come up with original stuff or else any copying can be traced out easily. The social media and internet has become so strong that you cannot escape it. The attention is more when a big celebrity does something like that.
Currently, rock star Devi Sri Prasad is in spotlight because the teaser he composed for the movie Khaidi No 150 is pretty much similar to the background score in the Bollywood flick Sultan. While that may be so, some are also saying is there any Hollywood tune similar to this.
It is a known fact that Khaidi No 150 is a prestigious project because it involves the comeback of megastar Chiranjeevi. Given that, DSP will certainly not do such goof ups. Anyhow, his admirers say DSP will give all his answers through the audio tracks of the movie.

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