Aamir Khan To Act As Hyderabadi Student

By - December 15, 2016 - 11:35 AM IST

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You can become a superstar with the right kind of mass appeal but it is very tough to rule the box office by becoming an acclaimed performer and coming up with offbeat subjects. However, one man has made that possible and he strikes gold always.

He is the Aamir Khan, the Mr Perfectionist of Bollywood. During the last decade and half, Aamir has come up with some phenomenal movies and now it is heard that he is going to come up with yet another interesting role. Apparently, a biopic is being planned on astronaut Rakesh Sharma.

This will have Aamir doing the title role. Rakesh did his schooling and college in Hyderabad and since it is biopic, Aamir needs to act as a Hyderabadi student. Given his penchant for getting into the skin of the character, Aamir will transform into a Hyderabadi very soon.