Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu Movie Review & Ratings

By - December 16, 2016 - 05:32 PM IST

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Cast: Naveen Chandra, Shruti Sodhi, Prudhviraj, Saloni, Jaya Prakash Reddy, Posani Krishna Murali, Murali Sharma
Banner: Sri Sathya Sai Arts
Music: Sri Vasanth
Editor: Goutham Raju
Producer: KK Radhamohan
Director: E Satti Babu

Tagline: Prudhvi Show...


One night Prashanth (Naveen Chandra) runs into a stranger, Priya (Shruti Sodhi), who is in an inebriated state. He safely drops her home. Priya is the daughter of a multi-millionaire ABR (Murali Sharma). The memories of that night flash in Priya’s mind and she falls in love with Prashanth. The latter too reciprocates the love. Like any other girl's father, ABR becomes an impediment for their love and abuses Prashanth for trapping his daughter for her riches. Prashanth challenges ABR to lose something in life to understand the greatness and sheer happiness that a loss brings in. Then he can understand the love and pain of Prashanth. ABR accepts the same and advertises for an idea that can plunge him into a loss. Whoever gives him such an idea for a loss-making venture will get a reward of Rs. 1 crore. This brings to light Rolled Gold Ramesh (Raghu Babu) and Variation star Veera Babu (Prudhvi). What's their idea? Did they succeed to bring failure to ABR? What happened to the love story of Prashanth and Priya forms the story of Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu.


Naveen Chandra- Though Naveen Chandra is the hero of the film, he sacrifices the heroism to Prudhvi for the sake of story and comedy. One can call Naveen as a supporting actor as Pruthvi stays on your mind even after the film is over. Naveen Chandra simply pulls off a been-there-done-that role.

PrudhviHe is the real hero of the film. As Variation star Veera Babu, he reminds you of MS Narayana’s role from Dookudu. Prudhvi is a laugh riot and keeps you in splits all through.

Saloni & Shruti SodhiSaloni looks more beautiful than Shruti Sodhi. The former tries to overshadow the latter with her glamour quotient. That leaves Shruti in a trivial role.

Murali Sharma plays his usual self and you can see the loudness in his character. He offers nothing new. Same goes for Posani whose acting is also a routine fare. Raghu Babu as Rolled Gold Ramesh contributes few laughs.


Director E Satti Babu can be labeled as Master of ‘comical’ craft. He creates a proper base for entertainment in Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. The plot is not novel and is akin toone overstretched episode from Arunachalam. However, as they say when you are making an outright goofy comedy, you tend to overlook logic. In Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu, the director sticks to that formula and improvises the comic portions even when they look and sound out of place. In this process, he indulges in loads of cinematic liberties. Thus the film slips into the folds of a classic case of making a dessert with less cake and more icing. You dig your spoon to eat the cake, but you end up searching for it. Amid all the laughter, you forget the story and the characters. This pushes hero Naveen Chandra into oblivion, giving an ample scope for Prudhvi to unleash his acting prowess.

Prudhvi gets to play multiple roles as a college student, lover and hero. He packs a lot of punch in his portrayal of all the roles and you can’t hold back your whistles. No wonder, if audience screams ‘once more’ in the cinema. After MS Narayana’s episode from Dookudu, no other film rolled out too many satires on the film industry than Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu. That being said, too much of sugar kills the savory. And Prudhvi becomes boring and repetitive after certain point. Most of his scenes won't blend in the narrative. Too much of unwarranted scenes make you lose track of the plot. The conflict is not established properly in the principal characters, and lot of artificiality creeps into their performances. Again, going with the structure of the comedy, you can write it off. That makes Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu entertaining in parts.


Though Vasanth is impressive with his music, the songs act as speed breakers. Nuvvaa Nenaa is hot beautifully.


- Pruthvi
- Comedy


- Second Half


One man show by Prudhvi. If you are looking for a great story, please look somewhere else!

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