No Villain And Comedian In NTR's Film

By - December 16, 2016 - 11:40 AM IST

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The perfect formula for you to come up with a film is the story needs to have a comedian and antagonist for sure. Without these two, the elements of humour and action cannot be elevated. These things are mandatory if it is a film featuring a big star hero.

However, one project is currently being planned in Tollywood and sources say there is going to be no villain or comedian in it. And here is the best part. This film will have young tiger Junior NTR as the hero. This is the brainchild of director K S Ravindra alias Bobby.

The question coming in many minds is, how does one make a star movie without a villain or a comedian. Well, inside news reveals Junior is portraying three different shades so he will take care of the gaps. As it is, he is a thunderous performer so this will be an interesting treat.

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