Ram Gopal Varma's Vangaveeti Movie Review & Ratings

By - December 19, 2016 - 12:58 PM IST

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Cast: Sandy, Vamsee Chaganti, Naina Ganguly
Banner: Ramadutha Creations
Music: Rawi Shanqar
Editor: Siddharth Thatolu
Cinematography: Rahul Shrivasthav
Producer: Dasari Kiran Kumar
Director: Ram Gopal Varma

An RGV mark engaging film. Are you an old Bezawadite? Then this is for you!


The most respected and feared Communist leader in Bezawada town Chalasani Venkata Ratnam summons the most fearless Vangaveeti Radha aka "Bus stand" Radha (Sandy) to warn him. But looking at Radha’s gutsy attitude Ratnam appoints him as his representative. However Radha’s growing popularity didn't go well with Ratnam’s gang that leads to humiliation of Radha & with his batch’s encouragement and help, Radha assassinates Venkata Ratnam. Following his murder, Radha emerges to be the unprecedented power and leader in Bezawada. A course of student issues brings Devineni Gandhi (Kautilya) and Devineni Nehru (Shritej) close to Vangaveeti Radha who work together and grow together. However, a series of unexpected events lead to the murder of Vangaveeti Radha that brings Vangaveeti Ranga (Sandy) into the picture. What happened next and how did the blood feud and eventually power politics take shape forms the rest of the plot.


Before performances, we can't resist appreciating the casting – it is simply impeccable. Especially Vangaveeti Ranga, Devineni Nehru and Series Raju characters were like real life people coming alive to us. Right from their respective costumes, body languages, mannerisms, all the three were so believable and impressive – Anyone from Bezawada (not Vijayawada) can feel the same! Sandy, Shritej deserve all the accolades for their makeover.
Kautilya (as Devineni Gandhi), Vamsee Chaganti (as Devineni Murali), Naina Ganguly (as Vangaveeti Ratna Kumari) and all other lead cast and supporting cast were brilliant (it would’ve been great if few actors could have lip sync too).
Special mention of a guy who played Radha supporter– his accent was so Bezawadish.


We hope hailing from Vijayawada city adds to the credibility of this re’view’.

From the legends I heard about Bezawada town (mentioning for a reason) growing up in the city, I can say this film had the closest recreation of Bezawada’s look and feel.

The tales of Radha, Ranga, Gandhi, Nehru are still alive in the city. So secondly RGV and team nailed the casting (for more you can always read the Performances section again).

We know RGV is no less a master at narrating such revenge and political dramas. Of course he didn't experiment much in terms of his style of narration for Vangaveeti subject.

Telling it in the most appealing manner with an unbiased outlook towards his characters and intense focus on the overall emotion has always been his forte and Vangaveeti is no exception – third aspect that impresses me.

However, the way he deals with executing the voiceover (except for the climax episode) and songs that affect the seriousness and emotional quotient of the narrative disappoints. At times the bloodshed sequences consume more runtime marring the revenge drama (we’ve seen better gory violence and action sequences in Rakta Charitra I & II combined).

However the first half and second half have their share of Goosebumps moments (along with boredom moments) that needs to be enjoyed on the big screen.

Watching Vangaveeti in a theatre in Vijayawada is the only thing I miss right now. 90s Bezawadite/diehard Vangaveeti fan/a curious Kamesam can strongly connect and better enjoy this.


- Casting and performances

- Strong story, characters and enaging screenplay

- Production design

- Cinematography

- Editing


-High Violence quotient

Music & background score by Ravi Shankar doesn’t dare to step out of RGV’s territory. Though the songs were smartly integrated into the narrative, too many songs (moreover too back to back) seriously play the spoil sport. However, RGV surprises by singing a song well!
Guess Production design alone occupies this section. We don't hesitate to say it is the best in recent times. From old film wall posters, banner writings to college campuses, chairs and benches and old Chetak scooters, bikes to canal bridges– the recreation of the 80s and 90s was fabulous!
Guess what! A major proportion of the recreation took place in Mumbai– need anything else to laud the Production design department?
Vangaveeti is apparently the closest unbiased recreation and engagingly documented political drama of Bezawada town and its power politics and vendetta in the 80s.
You’ll get to see the best recreation of BZA, bloodshed episodes and last but not the least RGV’s best song rendition till date. If you are or were a Bezawadite, you may enjoy this to the peaks!
Avg User Rating: 3/5
Avg Vijayawada User Rating: 3.5/5

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