'Ammadu Kummudu' Mega Song Is Not Complete

By - December 20, 2016 - 10:28 AM IST

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Though we are privileged to listen to many types of good songs, some of them leave a lasting impact due to various reasons. Despite the fact that we need something new every other day, there are those numbers which stay fresh no matter how long it takes.

Currently, one number has become the hottest property. It is ‘Ammadu lets do kummudu...’ from the movie Khaidi No 150  and this song is getting some phenomenal response. While the views to the audio are creating records, some are saying the mega song is not complete.

They state that it is not just listening to the song but watching the video which will give total satisfaction. Just with the audio, the kick has not come. Since the song features megastar Chiranjeevi, we have to see it so let us hope the makers fulfill this demand.

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