Confusion Cleared About Pawan's Sister?

By - December 21, 2016 - 10:02 PM IST

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Among the many sentiments you would have about various things, the one strong sentiment is if you have a sister. The attachment with sister is always different and special. Hence, movies that came with sister sentiment have clicked big time at the box office.

Now, power star Pawan Kalyan is arriving with a new movie which is touted as the remake of the Tamil movie Vedhalam. This revolves around sister sentiment and till recently there were reports that the sister’s role was being essayed by the striking beauty Nivetha Thomas.

However, she had eventually come out clarifying it is not true. Now, another name is making the rounds. It is Anandhi. Though she is a Telugu girl, Anandhi has been doing very well in Kollywood. But unless an official announcement comes, the confusion about Pawan’s sister will not be cleared.

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