Superstar's Daughter Stuns All!

By - December 24, 2016 - 04:49 PM IST

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When you are the son or daughter of a superstar, it is obvious that the attention would be high on you. In fact, the expectations would be more on you not just in terms of look but also in terms of your career success. Bollywood is known to have its generations entering cinema.

Currently, the entire Mumbai circuit is talking only about one person. Her name is Ira Khan and she happens to be the daughter of Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan’s former wife. Recently, Ira was present at a gathering along with her father and she stunned all.

Those who were present were enamored by her striking beauty and more than that, she carried herself in a rather elegant and graceful manner in an ethnic outfit. Whether Ira is interested in movie line or not, it is heard that many have started approaching Aamir with offers for her.

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