'Devineni' Title Registered In Film Chamber

By - December 27, 2016 - 12:02 PM IST

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There is a fine line between trendsetting films and films that create a trend. The former refers to some really good classics that motivate filmmakers to come up with similar subjects while the latter is all about picking something catchy from it and using it.

Tollywood has been following the tradition of picking something from a hit movie and using it in the form of a movie title. The same is happening now with the release of the film Vangaveeti. This got a very good talk and already projects are being planned with links to it.

According to latest reports, a new film title has been registered in Film Chamber and it is Devineni. This is coming with a tagline- Rendu Kutumbala Kadha. As you are aware, Devineni family is a powerful clan in Vijayawada which played a key role in the movie Vangaveeti. Let us see how many more come like this.

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